A few common steak questions answered

We get a lot of steak-related questions here at the Stone Grill in Blackpool so I thought I would take this opportunity to share some of the things I have learned since taking over the restaurant. I was amazed as just how much there was to learn about steak but have enjoyed the learning process more than I thought. Now it’s time to share some of that knowledge with fellow steak fans.

Here are a few of the more common steak questions we hear.

How is a steak different from other cuts of beef?

Essentially, what makes a steak a steak? Apparently, a steak is a cut of meat that goes across the muscle fibres instead of along them. This gives the signature texture and flavour while also demanding particular care in preparation. The cuts all come from the fleshier parts of the cow, which can also influence the nomenclature.

Why does steak cost more than other cuts?

Steak can be expensive, even above the increasing price of other cuts. So why is it more expensive than others? The answer is because you don’t get many steaks per cow. This limitation means those cuts are at a premium so you have to pay more for them. Other cuts and mince can come from many areas of the animal so are cheaper.

Certain varieties of steak are more expensive than others such as Angus, Kobe or Wagyu. The extra cost there is down to the cost of raising and caring for the animal. Usually, the higher the welfare of the animal, the more expensive it is to rear it. Therefore, the more expensive its meat to cover those costs.

What’s all the fuss about with Kobe and Wagyu steak?

Kobe and Wagyu steak make headlines mainly because of their price. They are certainly delicious and everyone should try one if they get the opportunity. Both types are from Japanese cattle that are reared in a certain way.

Kobe is a variety of Wagyu called Tajima-Gyu and only raised in the Hyogo region of Japan. Both steaks are known for the intense marbling in the meat which adds a delicious flavour. Both varieties have exceptionally high welfare standards, including a special diet, specific growing periods and high levels of care. This all costs money which is reflected in the price.

Grass fed or grain fed?

Sometimes you see grass fed or grain fed beef on marketing material for steak but what’s the difference? Not a lot to be honest. Most cattle begin with grass feeding and will only switch to grain later in life. Grain feeding produces fatter cattle faster, so is cheaper.

Grass fed cattle take longer to mature so is a little more expensive. On the plus side, grass fed cattle can contain more vitamins and minerals. There is no discernible difference in taste between the two.

I hope that clarifies a few things you may have wondered about steak. Feel free to ask our staff anything the next time you visit The Stone Grill, we will be happy to answer if we can!

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