An entire year of steak on a stone

It has been a great year for The Stone Grill. While there are still three potentially busy months ahead of us, the main summer season is now behind us and it has been a great one. Despite the great British weather, holidaymakers have flocked to Blackpool to enjoy the sun, sea and sand. And some steak on a stone.

From the moment we opened our hotel restaurant as its own entity, The Stone Grill, we have been busy. Rarely have we been less than half full even during midweek. The idea of eating a steak on a stone or a fish on a stone has caught the imagination of both locals and visitors alike. We thought it might be popular but had no idea it would catch on so fast!

Highlights of 2015

For us, the highlight of 2015 is the proving of the principle. We had the idea that if we kept things simple and concentrated on the best quality local meat and fish, sourced local supporting ingredients and used them in a simple way, it would work better than fancy a la carte food.

Our steaks are all sourced as locally as possible. We currently serve rump, fillet, porterhouse, ribeye and sirloin steak. We also serve lamb rump and duck breast cooked on a stone. All have proved amazingly popular, including the duck which we were initially unsure of.

We keep the recipes simple with just some light seasoning. We slice the meat thinly, seal it and then deliver it as a steak on a stone to the table. The meat continues to cook as you watch, which is proving very popular indeed.

As for fish on a stone, it too has been an amazing success. Currently we serve locally caught fish as well as select other fish from further afield. We offer tuna, swordfish, scallops and mixed local fish all cooked on a stone. Like the steak, the fish on a stone is kept simple with some light seasoning and a quick seal. We then serve it on the stone to continue cooking.

As well as the standard fare, we also offer something a little more exotic. The Stone Grill offers buffalo steaks, kangaroo fillets, ostrich rump steak, wild boar fillets, venison fillets and Wagyu beef fillets. We don’t source these locally but we do ensure we only buy from dependable butchers.

These meats are also kept simple so the flavours and textures speak for themselves. Each is lightly seasoned, sealed and served on the hot stone. You haven’t eaten unless you have tried an exotic steak on a stone!

So here’s to a successful end to 2015 and an even more successful 2016. If you haven’t tried our steak on a stone yet, you really should. It is well worth the trip!

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