Cooking steak outdoors is about more than just a grill

Summer is finally here and it is more than barbecue weather, for now at least. If the smells going around Blackpool are anything to go by, I’m not the only one who likes firing up the barbie of an evening or weekend. But I bet you’re using the grill to cook your steaks right?

There is more to cooking outside than just a grill. How about cooking on the fire itself or using another garden implement to cook your steak?

Fire cooking

Why not go caveman and cook your steak directly on the fire or on the coals? Ignore the grill altogether and cook your meat directly on the coals for that real outdoors experience. You can do it on briquettes but I would suggest using wood or lump charcoal instead.

Get the fire nice and hot, blow or brush off all the loose ash from your coals, flatten them out as much as you can and lay the steak directly on them. If using wood, get the wood nice and hot, give it a wipe with an outdoor brush to remove any loose splinters or ash and lay the meat directly onto that.

As long as you keep things relatively free of loose ash, dirt and debris, your meat will cook quickly and offer a real chargrilled flavour as a result.

Shovel cooking

This is proper bush cooking. You can use your barbecue without the grill or set an open fire. Either way, get it nice and hot and let some coals build up. Make sure your shovel is clean and give it a wash. Once the fire is really hot, lay the back of the shovel over it to heat it up. Once hot, after around 5-10 minutes, lay your meat onto the back of the shovel and cook until done.

As long as your shovel has a decent handle, you should be able to cook without getting burned. Take extra care if using an all-metal shovel and use gloves or wrap a tea towel or something around the handle before you pick it up.

Both of these methods will deliver great steak. As the fire will be a couple of hundred degrees at least, it will kill any bacteria on the shovel so will be hygienic too.

You could also cook on a stone but not all stones will work and some will actually be quite dangerous. I suggest coming to your favourite steak on a stone restaurant for that experience!

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