Cooking the perfect steak according to Gordon Ramsay

One of the world’s most talented chefs has published a video showing how to make the perfect steak. Promoted on his Facebook page, Ramsay shows us how to cook an amazing steak that seems a little flashy first time round but when tasted is absolutely delicious.

The video was published back in July and I had bookmarked the page so I could try it at home.  I have only just had time to try it out. Hence the delay. The changes going on here at The Stone Grill have taken up most of my time and energy so it is only recently that I have been able to sit back and take a look at something other than building and renovation!

The video is here:

Ramsay does steak

It is interesting to see that Ramsay seasons before cooking his steak as we do. The video is the usual high speed trip through meal preparation and makes very short work of cooking a fantastic steak dinner.

The video is part of his featuring as a judge on the US version of Masterchef in which he gives a demonstration of how to cook steak. It is definitely a masterclass but you need to use the pause button a great deal if you are planning to follow it.

The process he uses involves a seasoned steak with a hot pan. He sears the steak and adds rosemary and thyme. The steak is cooked and allowed to rest while he puts together a very simple but effective sauce.

He adds butter, mushrooms, garlic and cognac into the pan and cooks. He then adds some stock and cream. He then coats the steak with the sauce and adds some fresh parsley. While the video is less than two minutes long, it took me fifteen minutes end to end. That was with everything prepared beforehand.

The end result is a delicious steak cooked just how I like it with a richly flavoured sauce. If you can’t make it to The Stone Grill, try this one at home, it’s great!

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