Eat more steak, it’s official!

Of all the ‘guidance’ we have received over the past two months, last week saw my favourite. A request from farmers and trade associations to eat more steak, chips and cheese. Now this is one request I can really get behind!

The request is for all Brits and Europeans to eat more steak to help support farmers and more chips and more cheese to help producers. Despite panic buying across the world, it seems steak, potatoes and cheese were not on our lists.

The industry is now asking us to change that to help support struggling producers survive the pandemic. I for one will be doing just that.

Eat more steak

The story originally featured on Sky News but was quickly spread to other outlets.

The French are being asked to eat more cheese as the country’s traditional industry is struggling. The Belgian’s are being asked to eat more fries as sales have collapsed and there is a 750,000 ton surplus of potatoes going to waste.

Brits have been encouraged by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board, Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) and Wales’ Hybu Cig Cymru (HCC) to eat more steak. The organisations have launched a social media campaign called ‘Steaknight’ where families are being encouraged to eat steak at least once per week to help use meat cuts that would normally be used by restaurants.

The twelve week campaign includes the usual influencers trying to influence but also a range of more useful ideas such as how-to videos, recipes and other good stuff to help the general public enjoy steak more.

Something we have been doing here at The Stone Grill for years!

More and better

It seems we have been buying cheaper cuts to help get us through the pandemic. Where restaurants would be buying tons of the more expensive cuts like steak, we haven’t been able to use anywhere near as much as would normally would.

Even The Stone Grill delivery service isn’t using anywhere near as much as we normally would!

This has left a surplus that will go to waste if it isn’t used so the industry wants us to eat more of the good stuff, steak.

While I think a social media campaign is a good idea, there is a simple way to reduce the surplus without letting the food go to waste. Lower the price.

Most of us have had to tighten our belts as money is more scarce than ever. If a premium ingredient is potentially going to waste, spending £1.2 million on a social media campaign is perhaps not the most effective way to go about reducing the surplus. Lowering the price would.

Even if the industry just broke even, the rest of the country is barely making ends meet, why is the food manufacturing industry more important?

I try not to get political on this blog as I love talking about steak but it seems to me that the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board and the others are missing the obvious.

That’s just my opinion though and not the point of this post. The fact that everyone has to eat more steak is the point of this post so go out there and help the country survive!

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