Eight things you never do when cooking steak

Here at The Stone Grill in Blackpool, we don’t really like rules, yet even we appreciate that sometimes they are there to make life more manageable. It isn’t often, but just occasionally, rules make life better. That’s what these rules intend to do.

If you’re into your steak, which is likely considering what blog you’re reading, these rules are for you. Eight things you never do while cooking steak. Whether that’s steak on a stone, in a pan, griddle or barbecue, these rules apply. Ignore them at your peril!

1. Don’t cook cold steak

Always let your meat come up to room temperature before you cook it. Like your own muscles, cold meat is tight and needs to relax a bit before use to get the best out of it. Plus, if it’s colder in the middle than on the outside it simply won’t cook properly.

2. Don’t be scared to season

If you’re the seasoning type, then season properly. Season both sides and season well. Don’t use half measures and don’t do one side. Do both before adding it to the pan.

3. Don’t use a cold pan

Talking of pans and going back to the cold thing, never try to cook a steak in a pan that is less than smoking hot. You want to caramelise the outside of the meat and fry the inside. Cold pans will allow the oil to soak in and you will steam the meat instead of fry it. This is why steak on a stone works so well, the stones are kept exceptionally hot to caramelise the meat quickly.

4. Don’t use a fork to check if the steak is cooked

I must admit, I used to do this until we opened the restaurant. However, our chef told us this is one of the worst things you can do to a steak. If you poke holes in it, juices escape taking flavour with it. Use the finger method to check if the steaks are cooked.

5. Don’t turn the steak more than once

There is no need to continually flip a steak. You remove it from the heat, allowing it to cool, you prevent it getting hot enough to caramelise and you’re messing with something that should just be left alone. Cook one side then flip once, that’s it.

6. Don’t press down on the steak

Another bad habit I used to have was to press down on the meat with a fish slice. I though it helped the meat cook, it doesn’t. You’re actually pushing out that valuable juice that keeps the meat tender and flavoursome.

7. Don’t eat the steak fresh out of the pan

After cooking the meat properly, smelling that delicious smell and having watched it cook for the last five or ten minutes, you just want to eat it. We know, we have been there. But don’t, let the meat rest for five to ten minutes to let it relax. It will be worth it.

8. Don’t forget to season before eating

Regardless of whether you season before cooking or not, remember to add enough seasoning for your taste just before serving. It makes all the difference!

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