Fish on a stone

We spoke last week about the signature dish here at The Stone Grill being steak on a stone. It isn’t our only signature, we also cook fish on a stone too. It’s a unique experience that delivers the same kind of theatrical and sensory experience that cooking steak does, but with seafood.

The fresher your fish, the better the taste. Any chef will tell you that even a few minutes’ delay between your fish being cooked and it being served compromises the taste and texture, so it’s essential to get it to the table as quickly as possible. That’s one reason why cooking the fish on a stone in front of you is such an experience.

Using the same kind of lava stone that we use for our steaks, we carefully prepare the fish for cooking. We gut, fillet, descale, season or otherwise get the fish ready for your cooking experience. If you’re having a sauce or accompaniment, we prepare that too so it all comes out at once.

We preheat the stone in our oven to make sure it’s exactly the right temperature for cooking. All our stones are the same size, shape, thickness and weight. That’s essential to make sure every fish on a stone we serve cooks at the same rate, to the same finish. It’s a vitally important part of our offering.

Everything you order at The Stone Grill, apart from what you cook on a stone, is made using traditional methods in our modern kitchen. We only use the freshest local ingredients and source all our seafood from local fishmongers or the fish market itself. That’s another important part of our offering. To support local producers and help them survive.

As we also mentioned last time, until recently The Stone Grill was only open to guests of the North Ocean Hotel. Since that changed, we have been surprised and amazed at the support we have received from locals. We have been busy throughout the week, especially at weekend and our steak on a stone is very popular indeed. Fish on a stone comes a close second and our traditional restaurant fare is doing well too.

We want to send a big thank you out there to everyone who has tried us. We especially want to thank those of you who have interactive with us on our Facebook page. We have genuinely been surprised and overwhelmed by the support so far. Thank you!

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