Five Christmas foods that leave you feel hungrier than when you started

Christmas is a time of year when we tend to eat more than usual. We graze the buffet table at work, have more snacks and drinks around at home than usual and go out for more meals than at any other time of year. There are some foods that end up making us feel more hungry than when we started though, which kind of defeats the object.

There is nothing wrong with a little indulgence over Christmas. It is all part of the season, but what’s the point if you eat certain foods and then feel even hungrier afterwards? Satiation is part of the allure of grazing and if we don’t get that, what’s the point?

Here are those five Christmas foods that leave you feel hungrier than when you started.

Anything containing artificial sweetener

Artificial sweetener may help us feel better about our sugar intake but the way these compounds works means we get the taste of sugar but not the satisfaction it brings. This can leave you craving more sweet things. Sugar is not bad for you in moderate amounts. The body needs it for fuel and as long as you work off the extra calories you ingest, nothing bad will happen.


Salads without a protein element can also leave you wanting more. Protein is what helps make you feel full and leafy salads without a protein such as lean chicken will not satisfy your appetite. It is more about willpower than satiation for salads. That isn’t to say salad is not good for you because it is. As a side or as a snack they are a great source of nutrients but nobody can accuse salads of being filling!


Juicing may be all the rage right now but they are not fulfilling. They are densely packed nutritious meal alternatives but certainly don’t provide the satiation necessary to make you feel full. Juiced meals certainly have a place as they are a fantastic source of nutrients, but they usually lack the protein or fibre than helps make you feel full.

Salty snack foods

Salted peanuts, pretzels and crisps are all classic Christmas snacks. Peanuts contain protein which would usually make you feel full but this is often offset by the salt. Salt makes us feel thirsty which the brain doesn’t always correctly interpret as thirst but as hunger.


Anyone who has ever had a cheeky kebab after a night on the town will know that alcohol makes us feel hungry. Despite itself being full of calories, alcohol also switches on the trigger in our brain that is used for starvation mode. This is why we are usually exceptionally hungry after a night out. We don’t need the food, our brain is just fooled into thinking we do.

Christmas is a time for enjoying ourselves and for over indulgence. If you would prefer a meal that would definitely leave you satisfied, visit The Stone Grill. You’ll never leave here hungry!

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