Five things we bet you didn’t know about steak

Here at The Stone Grill, we’re mad about everything to do with steak and fish, whether learning new ways to prepare a steak on a stone or trying innovative fish recipes that make our favourite seafood sing. In the process of experimenting, exploring and developing our knowledge of these subjects, we have stumbled across some strange facts about steak.

Did you know any of these?

1.   Steak is a Saxon word for “meat on a skewer”

Apparently the word steak is from the old English “steik”, post Saxon invasion and literally means meat on a stick. Technically, a steak can be any cut of any meat but we have refined our expectation of what a steak is to include only premium cuts of beef.

2.   The world’s most expensive steak costs £208 a portion

Apparently the most expensive steak dish in the world is at the Old Homestead Steakhouse in New York. It is an 12 ounce A5 Kobi Strip Steak that literally melts in the mouth. While that certain isn’t the most expensive meal you will ever eat, it is allegedly the most expensive piece of steak.

3.   Kobi beef is white when raw

We are used to seeing our meat rich and red. In fact, all our steak buying advice says to look for that redness. Kobi on the other hand is almost white because the muscle is so weak and the fat so pervasive that it looks white. It also melts in the mouth, which it would need to as it is the most expensive beef in the world!

4.   The average cow is 40% steak

A U.S. university has made a study out of how much steak the average cow will yield and the answer is around 40%. They measured a 1,200 pound cow which is apparently average and managed to get 460 pounds worth of steak-worthy meat from it.

5.   Grilling is only 60 years old

Despite using fire for cooking since we first began cooking our food, the grill only became popular during the 1950s. It is the very best way to cook your steak as it sears the outside while allowing any fat to drain away.

We were surprised that the grilling method of cooking is so new. We would have thought it was one of the oldest given how simple and elemental it is. However, all the research we have done on steak yielded much the same information.

So there you go, we bet you didn’t know those things about our favourite meat! If you have any interesting steak facts, feel free to share them here.

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