Food trends to expect in 2021

Despite the beginning of the year remaining strange, we still view 2021 positively. Lockdown is easing and things are beginning to (slowly), return to normal. As long as things continue as they are, The Stone Grill will be able to open soon and welcome you all back.

It can’t come soon enough!

Looking at the wider world, there are some distinct food trends we think will dominate this year.

They include:

Comfort food

We have spent the last year or so eating at home or having food delivered. Comfort food is a big part of that and we think it will continue once the world returns to normal.

Good quality steak, burgers, pasta and hearty dishes that remind us of better times or reassure us that some things have not changed will all dominate this year.

All things The Stone Grill does so well!

Increased concentration on local ingredients

The shift towards local has been going for years and is something we are completely on board with. We think it’s going to get bigger this year. Customers want to support local businesses and appreciate the hard work and quality ingredients you can get on your doorstep.

We expect many more queries about the origin of ingredients and an emphasis on using Lancashire’s best produce.

That’s definitely a trend we want to encourage. We already work with local producers and suppliers and would love to be able to support them more. This trend will help!

Low alcohol drinks

Depending on how you found lockdown, you either drink more than you used to or less. We think drinking less will be much more of a thing this year. That means more low or no-alcohol cocktails, beers and ciders and some more fruit-based drinks at the bar.

Again, this is something we can completely get on board with. While there’s nothing like a beer or glass of red with a steak, we could all probably do with drinking less. If we can do that without impacting our lifestyle or enjoyment of a good meal, all the better!

All day breakfasts

No, not the kind you see along the prom, but high quality, good food. Food delivery companies saw a real rise in breakfast orders and we think that may continue after lockdown has been lifted.

Fresh fruit, porridge, coffee, Danish pastries and more continental style breakfasts seem very popular and is something we think we will take with us further into the year.

No stopping delivery and takeaway

We also think that delivery and takeaway will still remain immensely popular even once lockdown is over. It’s convenient, fast and feeds that instant gratification so many people demand.

Offering high quality food prepared to restaurant standards and delivered hot to your home? What’s not to like?

We expect to see dining out return with a vengeance this year but we also expect the high levels of takeaway and delivery orders to remain.

Do you see any distinct food trends happening this year? Have a good idea you wish would become a trend? Tell us about it in the comments!

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