Food trends to look out for post-pandemic

While The Stone Grill has been preparing for reopening, we have also been looking further ahead to the food trends and buying habits once Britain opens up again.

While it is notoriously difficult to predict the future in normal times, it’s even harder now. Yet there are some specific trends we think will dominate over the coming year.

Here are some of them.

Locally sourced food

The pandemic saw empty supermarket shelves and significant shortages. Blackpool was hit hard and we think the memory of that will remain for a while.

To that end, we think there will be an increased insistence on locally sourced produce. Both to support local growers and artisan producers but also because they are much less likely to suffer transport issues or other barriers to production.

The buying local trend isn’t exactly a trend as it has been a thing for years now. People have been becoming increasingly aware of air miles and the sustainability of the food they eat.

This is just an extension of that for a variety of different reasons. We think this will be a very strong motivator once reopening begins.

Healthy eating

Obesity and overall health were deciding factors in your survival if you caught COVID. This prompted a lot of people to eat a lot more healthily and we think this will continue long after the pandemic.

We will still like dirty food every now and again and a high calorie treat occasionally, but we are seeing a lot more people becoming a lot more aware of what they are eating and in what volume.

This can only be a good thing. Everyone deserves to treat themselves with a meal out or a sweet dessert every now and again but being more aware and much more conscious of our health can only benefit us.

Plant-based alternatives

Even though we are a steak restaurant, we appreciate that more people are looking at alternatives to meat. We have yet to decide whether to follow this trend or not and offer more vegetarian or vegan options, we are waiting to assess demand first.

We offer some of the more popular vegetarian options but are always driven by demand and any requests a customer might have.

However, if the global trend towards plant-based food is anything to go by, it’s a case of when not if.

Nutritious food

Continuing on the health theme, we think there will be a much greater emphasis on nutrition in food. Especially those nutrients related to immunity like vitamin C.

There has been a lot of attention given to immunity and body health over the past year and we think it will take a long time to wear off. If there are nutritious alternatives to popular junk food, we expect that to surge.

Fortunately, as everything that can be made fresh on site is made on site, nutrition is something you shouldn’t have to worry about when you dine at The Stone Grill!

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