How to cook the perfect fillet steak

Fillet steak is an expensive piece of meat so we want to get the very best out of it. It’s the crème de la crème of steak, a cut that offers tenderness, flavour and texture all in one. It’s a very popular cut of meat here at The Stone Grill and one our guests have so far loved to watch cook on their stone.

If you read our piece a couple of weeks ago about the different cuts of meat, you will have read about the different cooking requirements. With that in mind, we asked our chef all about steaks and have created a series of blog posts that will describe how to cook the perfect steak here or at home.

We have divided them up into types as each requires slightly different cooking times and methods. So over the next few weeks you can build your knowledge of steak and how to cook it. Whether you’re enjoying a steak on a stone here with us or are cooking steak at home with your family, it should always come out perfect!

Cooking fillet steak

A good fillet steak should look fresh, a rich red colour and contain little or no fat. It should also be at room temperature before cooking. This is important as we want the steak to cook evenly throughout so we can get the finish we’re looking for. So if you’re planning to cook steak at home and have been keeping it in the fridge, bring it out a couple of hours before so it can come up to room temperature.

So, to the cooking.

Get your pan as hot as possible. The hotter the better as we want to caramelise the sugars on the outside of the steak. Grilling isn’t really an option at home as they don’t get hot enough. Commercial grills are different and can get much hotter. While home grilling does cook a fillet steak, it won’t caramelise those sugars which detracts from the flavour.

Dry your steak with some kitchen towel. If there is moisture on the meat, it turns to steam and will steam the steak, not fry it.

Oil the meat not the pan. Use a good oil such as sunflower as it has a higher smoke point than olive or standard vegetable oil.

Place the steak in the pan for 30 seconds and then turn the meat. Check our guide on how to tell if your steak is cooked for specifics. Don’t go by timing, go by feel, it’s much more accurate!

Once cooked, leave to rest for a minute or two and then enjoy!

Cooking steak on a stone or in a pan is a great way to cook meat. As with many aspects of cooking, more is in the preparation of the dish rather than the cooking of it and nowhere is that more true than with steak!

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