How to cook the perfect rib-eye steak

Continuing our series on cooking the perfect steak, this week we are going to talk about the rib-eye. Known as “The butcher’s favourite” the rib-eye is a quality cut of beef that lends itself exceptionally well to cooking hot and fast. We serve a lot of rib-eye here at The Stone Grill as it’s an excellent cut and is great for steak on a stone.

While the stone doesn’t get as hot as our grill, it’s perfectly hot enough to caramelise those sugars and sear the outside. After that, it’s all a matter of timing!

So if you’re planning on cooking some rib-eye steak at home, here’s how to get the perfect finish.

We say this is every one of these cooking guides, but having your meat at room temperature before cooking is essential. It allows the muscle fibres in the steak to loosen and ensures you get an even cook throughout. It is essential.

Also essential is heating up your griddle or frying pan before adding the meat. Use a good vegetable oil and get the pan hot enough that it sizzles energetically when you add the steak. If the pan isn’t hot enough, the meat absorbs the oil and can go tough and we don’t want that!

We use olive oil in many things here, but the smoking point is too low for cooking steak. That’s why we use a good veg oil. Whether you oil the pan or the steak is up to you.

Cook the steaks, turning just once during the process to avoid losing too much juice. Cooking time depends on the thickness of your steak, but will typically be somewhere around 1 – 2 minutes for rare to medium rare, 3 minutes for medium or 4 – 5 minutes for well done.

Once cooked, leave to rest for a minute or two on a rack. Try to not rest your steak on a plate as they sit in their own juices and oil, which mars the taste. Even though we do everything we can to preserve juices during cooking, we don’t want the steak sitting in them while resting.

Season while resting if you’re in the season after camp, or season just before cooking if you’re in the season before camp. It’s up to you!

A lovely rib-eye steak is the perfect dinner and one of our personal favourites. We serve hundreds of them a week here at The Stone Grill and for good reason. When cooked right, they taste amazing. Try one yourself this weekend, make a reservation at The Stone Grill today!

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