How to cut steak perfectly every time

Chefs make it seem effortless, hold the steak, cut across and you see perfectly formed slices every time. Yet when you try it at home, slices are different sizes, pull inwards or contain slices of fat that just don’t look right. So how can you cut the perfect steak every time?

Follow these simple steps to get the perfect slice.

Use a sharp knife

Sharp knives not only make a better cut but are safer to use too. While it may seem contrary to say the sharper the knife the safer it is, it is nevertheless true. A sharp knife requires very little effort and pressure to cut. A duller knife requires more pressure and perhaps a few cuts to do the same job. More pressure means more opportunities for the knife to slip and having to repeatedly cut something means more times your fingers are at risk.

A sharp knife can make short work of steak and should require a single firm cut to slice the meat completely.

Let it rest

We all know that you rest a steak before eating it but the same is true for cutting. Cook your steak, let it rest for the proper period of time and only cut it as you serve it. Not only is relaxed meat easier to cut, you lose less heat and, more importantly, less juice when you cut immediately before serving.

Relaxing not only lets the meat fibres relax, but the juice distributes evenly throughout the steak. It’s just better all round when rested!

Going against the grain

Slicing a steak against the grain is another seemingly counterintuitive move but it works. Slice across the grain and the meat fibres are shorter, giving you a juicier, more tender mouthful. It is those fibres that can make a meat tough. Cook them too much and they pull tight, making the meat tough. Cook them just right and allow to rest and those fibres relax, giving a much more tender bite.

Let the meat relax and cut against the grain and those fibres are not only relaxed, they are shorter too which helps with the tenderness.

That’s all you need to know if you want a perfect steak cut every time. Make sure to cook it only up to medium, let it rest, use a sharp knife and go against the grain. No go out there and practice. It works on any cut of steak, or meat in general and will have you looking like a master chef in no time!

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