How to properly marinate a steak

Here at The Stone Grill, we like the natural taste of the steak we serve, but we also appreciate that a good marinade can transform the taste of even the best meat. When steak is as important a food as we consider it to be, it deserves the very best. So every now and again we like to experiment with marinades to see what happens.

If you’re preparing steak at home and have plans for a marinade, it pays to get it right. Steak isn’t cheap so you don’t want to ruin it. A steak dinner is also an event, so you want to get the very best experience. That’s where we come in.

Over the next couple of weeks we are going to be listing some great steak marinades that can transform your mealtimes. First though, we are going to cover how to marinade.

Marinate a steak

You can marinate any steak cut but the tougher or lower fat cuts take it best. Tougher cuts are tenderised by the acid in the marinade and valuable moisture is added to low fat cuts. While you can certainly marinade quality cuts such as T-bone, filet mignon or porterhouse, we don’t know why you would want to.

Ideally, a marinade should be applied between 24 and several hours before eating. You can perform a five minute marinade should you run out of time but it doesn’t have the same tenderising effect.

Get everything ready by preparing the marinade and bringing the steak up to room temperature before you begin. Meat is easier to work with and much less dense once it has been out of the refrigerator for a little while.

Begin by sliding a knife about halfway into the steak at regular intervals. This helps the marinade get into the meat.

Use a freezer or food bag, put the meat into it and add the marinade. You don’t have to use a bag, but it’s easier to manage. You can use any kind of container should you need to.

Make sure the meat is completely covered and either leave for your chosen period of time or massage into the meat if you’re short of time.

Once you’re ready to cook, remove the steak and shake off any excess marinade. The meat is now ready to cook.

That is all there is to marinating a steak. The process itself is very easy, the main challenge is selecting the right marinade for the dish. That’s something we will tackle another day.

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