How to select the right cut of steak

We are all different and have different likes and dislikes. Nowhere is that more true than with food. Steak in particular tends to divide opinion with some people loving one cut of steak while others wouldn’t touch it unless their own favourite wasn’t available.

Despite what experts may tell you, there is no ‘best’ cut of steak. There is a ‘best cut of steak for you’ though. Much will depend on what you like, how much fat you enjoy, whether you like the bone, marbling or prefer tenderness.

Here are a few steak cuts you can select and their primary characteristics.

Rib eye

Rib eye is a prime cut from the rib area, hence the name. It includes quite a bit of fat, that, when rendered properly, gives a delicious flavour to the meat. Rib eye steaks are full of flavour and very tender and do very well initially seared and then cooked at a lower temperature.


Sirloin sits between the rib and fillet at the middle of the back and has a great balance of meat and fat. Cooked properly, that fat renders and offers juiciness aplenty. Sirloin is available on or off the bone and while not as flavoursome as rib eye, is a very popular cut thanks to reasonable prices and ageing.

Rump steak

Rump is from the back end, hence its name and is a prime cut of steak. Lots of people find rump the most flavourful cut. Rump is usually aged, seared and served. It can be difficult to eat if you like your steak rare but in all other cases is a delicious cut of steak.

T-bone or porterhouse steak

T-bone or porterhouse steak is an American classic that we eat a lot here. It’s from the middle of the animal and combine the characteristics of sirloin and fillet. This is a bone-in steak which can be challenging to cook properly but if you can get it right, delivers a rich, full flavor.


Fillet steak comes from inside the sirloin and is a very tender piece of meat. The muscle does little work so is quite tender. Fillet eats well rare or medium rare but isn’t as flavourful as sirloin or rib eye. Otherwise, it’s a delicate meat that works very well with sauces or accompaniments.

Minute steak

Minute steak is usually sirloin cut thinly and usually tenderized. It’s an inexpensive cut that you won’t usually find in steak restaurants but sells well in supermarkets and butchers. It’s a delicate meat that needs to be cooked as little as possible to get the best out of it.

There are other cuts of steak, like onglet, point steak, bavette and feather blade but these are less common in restaurants and usually combine the flavor and texture of these other steaks. Do you have a favourite? Does The Stone Grill serve it? I bet we do!

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