Is steak really best when served rare?

Ask many chefs around the world to cook you medium well or, shudder, well done steak and they won’t be happy. But why? Why is it regarded as such sacrilege to cook a steak anything more than medium rare? Is a steak really best when served rare?

Not all steaks are at their best when served rare. Some cuts are much better server medium rare or even medium. While much depends on personal taste, to get the best out of a particular cut, you should consider how flavour works best.

For example, Ribeye or New York strip has a better flavour profile when served medium rare. Yet a top sirloin will be best when served rare while a skirt steak is definitely best when served medium.

Ask any quality butcher and they can advise you on what cut of steak is served at what level of ‘doneness’.

Steaks best eaten rare

Steaks that are best eaten rare include flatiron, top sirloin and paleron. We mainly eat the sirloin here in the UK but if you travel to the US or somewhere, flatiron is quite a popular cut.

Steaks best eaten medium rare

Steaks best eaten medium rare include Ribeye, New York strip, Porterhouse, T-bone, flank steak, Sirloin flap, Filet mignon, hanger steak and chuck steak.

Steaks best eaten medium

Steaks that are best eaten medium rare include skirt steak, chuck short rib and chuck flap.

At the end of the day, it is your steak and yours alone. While chefs and foodies will lament a seemingly overcooked steak, if that works for you, you eat it how you like. Here at The Stone Grill, we cook your steak how you like it. If you have steak on a stone, you cook it yourself how you like it.

Book your table at The Stone Grill for some of the most succulent steak around. Cooked however you like it!

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