Local advertising for restaurants

Social media may be taking over the world but there is still a place for local advertising for restaurants. The Stone Grill in Blackpool is fortunate enough to not require much local advertising but we know a few restaurants that use it regularly.

If you’re planning to start your own restaurant or have just taken one over, it could be beneficial to you too.

Here are a few local advertising methods a restaurant can use to drum up trade.

Local business directories

Local business directories are everywhere and each town and city has at least one or two. They will be mainly online but some may have a physical presence.

Make sure your restaurant is listed on Google, Yelp, Yahoo, Bing and other directories that have a local element.

Local newspapers and publications

Many local newspapers have been aggregated and are now purely online but there are still a few print papers around. There are also free advert-driven papers around too.

Use whatever publications in your area to place adverts. Work with them on promotions, competitions, special events and other local happenings too. There’s no such thing as bad PR!


Flyers are still a very viable way print can help advertise a restaurant. You have to be careful with the design and distribution but otherwise, flyers are an excellent way to get the word out.

You can have flyers printed and handed out by hand or have them included in free papers. The Post Office can also include flyers with their daily deliveries, which is another option.

Vehicle advertising

Using a taxi or bus as advertising can work out well depending on where you live. If you live in a large town or city where lots of people will see the ad, it can be worth the investment.

If you live somewhere smaller, it may not work out quite so well.

When vehicle advertising works, it can work exceptionally well. It does come at a cost though which will vary depending on the size, shape, vehicle and location.

Sponsor an event

If you’re passionate about a local cause or charity, get out there and sponsor it. Not only can you do some good, you can also generate a lot of goodwill and positive PR.

Sponsoring doesn’t always cost money for a restaurant. You could provide catering, a venue, food boxes or something else instead.

See what’s in your area and in your area of interest and discuss the potential with the organisation. There’s always an opportunity to help each other out!

There are as many ways to advertise as there are restaurants to require advertisement. Not every town or city will have the same opportunities but many will and there is always an opportunity somewhere.

Hopefully these few ideas can help you generate more. Good luck with it!

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