Make Mother’s Day special at The Stone Grill restaurant Blackpool

It is Mother’s Day on Sunday (6th March) and what better way to show her you love her than bringing her to The Stone Grill restaurant in Blackpool. We are open as usual on the day and won’t be charging extra for the privilege of dining with us!

With a menu full of traditional classics, innovative takes on great British food and some family favourites, there is something here for everyone. The headliners are our famous steak on a stone and fish on a stone. Fresh local beef or freshly caught fish, prepared how you request it and served on a hot lava stone. Then you simply cook it yourself on the table to your liking.

Steak on a stone is dinner theatre. The sight, sound and smell of delicious fresh steak cooking on the table is something everyone should experience. Fish on a stone is equally entertaining and delicious on the palate once cooked. Book your table today for Mother’s Day. Move fast, we only have a couple left!

Mother’s Day

I did a little research on Mother’s Day and was actually a little surprised at what I found. I always thought it was another American invention devised by Hallmark like some of the others, but it isn’t. It is American, but has a much nicer history.

Mother’s Day was apparently first celebrated back in 1908 at St Andrew’s Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia. Local woman Anna Jarvis wanted to honour her mother, Ann Jarvis who did a lot of good work caring for soldiers after the American Civil War. Ann had created Mother’s Day Work Clubs for women to come together and address health subjects.

It wasn’t until 1910 that Mother’s Day was officially recognised as a public holiday. Then in 1914, American president Woodrow Wilson set it as the second Sunday in May. Like many things, it soon found its way over here where it was adopted as Mothering Sunday and set on the fourth Sunday in Lent.

Far from being happy with her success, Anna Jarvis soon lamented the commercialisation of her holiday and tried to have it stopped. As we all know, that wasn’t happening and while still very commercial now, is fortunately used more as an excuse to spend quality time with our mother.

Enjoying steak on a stone at The Stone Grill in Blackpool is the ideal way to spend some quality time with your mother. Book your table today!

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