Prepare your barbecue for steak this summer!

Last summer was amazing and never seemed to end. Until it did. Then a long winter and cold spring wiped the memory of sunshine and warm weather from our mind. Until now. The sun is out, temperatures are climbing and those winds are a thing of the past. With a long weekend coming, now would be a great time to get your barbecue ready.

When sunshine and warm weather can be so fleeting, it makes sense to be ready. Making sure your barbecue is clean and ready to go, steaks are ready to order, brioche or buns are in the freezer and your toppings and accompaniements are ready to use, you’re all set for when the sun shines!

Get your BBQ ready for summer

If your barbecue has sat in the shed or garage all winter, it’s going to need a clean. Unless you’re very dedicated, you probably put it away dirty rather than cleaning it before storage. Whether you cleaned it or not, it’s going to need to be cleaned again.

Remove the grill and clear out any old ash or briquettes. Clean out all the debris and wipe it down with a wire brush. Then get the hot soapy water and wash everything thoroughly. Use a BBQ brush or wire brush for the base, the grill, any shelves and all aspects of your BBQ.

Once clean, rinse it off with cold water. Give it a once over to check for damage, rust or wear. If everything looks good, put it all back together again. Check your BBQ utensils next. They are often overlooked and could probably do with a thorough clean too!

If you have the time, give it a try. Load it with some briquettes or load the gas bottle. Let it run for a couple of hours to sterilise the grill and prepare for the next season.

Get your steaks ready

Steaks are best when fresh but can be frozen too. If you don’t have a reliable butcher close by, get some steaks in advance and freeze them. Otherwise, check your local butchers for special deals on steak. These will change as the sun comes out so get an idea of who is selling them cheapest with and without the special offer.

The same for your buns, relish, sauces or accompaniments. Having them around will ensure you’re always in a position to enjoy some sunshine!

Sunnier countries may laugh at us Brits and our attitude to summer. But we have honed our instincts over thousands of wet summer years and have a unique appreciation that when the sun it out, there is no time to waste.

Most of you will have two extra days off this weekend. Spending one of them here at The Stone Grill and an hour or two preparing for a steak filled summer at home is a great way to spend that time don’t you think?

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