Should you buy steak online?

Our final steak buyers guide for January 2020 will discuss whether you should buy steak online or not. You can buy anything online. Much of what you can buy is illegal or not worth your time but most retailers in most countries offer the opportunity to buy goods off of the internet. That includes food and steak.

There are a few retailers offering varying versions of gourmet steak, artisan steak or whatever marketing term is trendy this week. But should you buy?

Buy steak online or not?

I must admit to buying a lot online. I even order my weekly shop online and have it delivered. The Stone Grill takes up so much of my time that I don’t always have the opportunity to go to the supermarket. Blackpool isn’t a large town by any standards but when I’m time poor, I order groceries online.

I won’t order my steak online though.

For one, steak is a personal choice. I like the occasion of visiting the butcher, looking at the meat and selecting a steak that looks best to my eyes. As you will know, while different cuts have different characteristics, versions of the same cut can look completely different.

Some people like lots of marbling or strips of fat running through their steak. Others do not. When you’re standing there in front of the display, you can choose the exact steak you like. You cannot do that online.

Your steak in someone else’s hands

One downside with grocery shopping online is that you are dependent on someone else picking your food. That’s fine for packets, jars and tins but when it comes to fresh meat, fish or vegetables, it often seems whoever packs your food deliberately selects the oldest, most bruised, most damaged and least appetising items they can find.

While I’m not implying an online steak retailer would do anything like that, you are dependent on them to make your choice for you. When it comes to steak, that’s not always a good idea.

If you’re not choosy about your steak, ordering online can be convenient. If you are in any way selective about your steak, buying online is not going to be for you. The quality and freshness of the meat may be right up there but you’re getting what you’re given and that’s that.

When it comes down to steak, personal selection is too important to ignore!

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