Simple, cheap ways to become a greener restaurant

The drive to lower costs to help survive the pandemic and to reduce the long term carbon footprint are two reasons every restaurant should look at going green.

We don’t mean switching to vegan food, installing solar panels on the roof and using paper plates. We mean genuinely useful changes you can make to any business to lower costs and waste.

Some will require some investment but they don’t have to happen right away. You can just make different buying decisions when the time comes…

The Stone Grill is keen to play its part in minimising waste and being more efficient with resources. We would encourage everyone to play their part too.

Use energy efficient appliances

Let’s get the expensive one out the way first. When it comes time to upgrade or replace kitchen appliances, make them energy efficient.

Whether that’s ENERGY STAR certified appliances, ECA-Approved, A-rated or whatever, selecting the most efficient appliance you can afford that still delivers the features you need could help save a lot on energy bills.

Switch to LED lighting

Switching to LED lighting will also require investment but it’s one that pays back many times over. LED bulbs can be more expensive than standard bulbs but last longer, can be brighter and use a lot less electricity.

You can also get tinted LEDs for front of house as well as clear ones for the kitchen. A small but important upgrade that could save money.

Energy awareness

Training staff to turn off appliances when not in use and turning everything off at the end of service can also save big. Standby modes are convenient and enable you start prep as soon as you arrive in the morning but they are wasteful.

Train your staff to turn appliances and lights off when not in use and turning it all off overnight can save a lot in the average restaurant’s energy bill. All without having to invest a thing!

Check your heating

Reducing the central heating by a single degree can save a lot on energy bills and will hardly be noticed. Check the timer and make sure you’re not heating an empty restaurant too.

Hot water needs to be hot but doesn’t need to exceed 60C. Anything over that becomes painful to use and expensive to heat.

Conserve water

Water is also expensive. You could add aerating taps in the kitchen and bathrooms, install water savers in toilets and encourage sensible water use throughout the kitchen.

If you wash up by hand, using an aerating tap could save huge amounts of water. If you use a dishwasher, replacing it with the most efficient model can also save money.


We have seen too many kitchens where the retarder or walk-in is placed close to the stoves to help efficiency. It might save staff a few minutes and a few steps each night but it makes keeping ingredients cold much more difficult.

Placing refrigerators away from heat sources means they have a lot less work to do and will burn a lot less electricity doing it.

Those are just some of the many ways your restaurant can go green. We are using as many of these as we can to minimise costs and to do our bit to help save the planet.

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