Slice steak like a pro and the importance of sharp knives

Someone asked the other day how they could slice a steak effortlessly like TV chefs do. They had tried and tried but couldn’t make it look as simple or as smooth as how they do it on TV. As steak is a subject obviously dear to our hearts, we showed them how to do it.

Slicing steak like a pro comes down to two things. A sharp knife and confident technique. The knife is the most important element of this as the sharper the knife, the smoother the cutting action. A sharp knife also lowers the chance of anything going wrong which is as important has having perfectly sliced steak.

Sharp knives for the win

Ask any chef about their knives and you could almost believe they were talking about their children. They are personal, follow the chef everywhere they go and are very dear to their hearts. They will also say that their knives need to be kept sharp in order to work properly.

A sharp knife needs less pressure to cut and will not only damage the steak, or any food, less but also lowers the chance of injury. Most knife injuries that occur in a kitchen will be from blunt or damaged knives. Though it may seem counterintuitive, the sharper the knife the safer it is to use.

A truly sharp knife will cut first time, need little pressure to make that cut and will be in action for much less time. A duller knife needs more pressure and multiple cuts, both of which expose you to injury. This is true whether you’re cutting steak or any vegetable.

Honing your knives is also important. This is the action you see on many cooking shows where the chef will show of their skills by running their knife quickly up and down a honing rod. This doesn’t sharpen the knife, it hones it. This means removing any bends, folds or chips from the blade to help that smooth action.

Sharpening a knife involves using sharpening stones and the correct angle to create the finest blade possible. Each knife requires a slightly different angle and approach but there are lots of guides online that show you how to do it properly. Suffice to say, find the right method for the type of knife you’re using and try it.

A sharp knife is essential when cutting steak or any ingredient. You get a smoother cut, have a more predictable motion and end up with a less damaged and better looking result. Even if you’re not a chef, sharper knives make cooking easier and that’s always a good thing!

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