Sous vide steak?

If you have visited The Stone Grill this year and sampled our Winter Menu, you will already know that we like playing with your food. Experimentation is part of the creative process in any restaurant and your favourite steakhouse in Blackpool is no exception. This week we were experimenting with sous vide.

Sous vide

Sous vide is a French cooking method that uses a warm water bath to cook food. The effect is similar to slow cooking but without the long wait. The steak is encased in a vacuum pack and immersed in warm water for a set period of time. The temperature is perfect for cooking meat while keeping it tender and succulent.

You have to be careful to set the temperature correctly, but once done, cooking steak sous vide is a matter of adding the meat and leaving it for a set time to cook. Once cooked, we remove the steak from the bath, unpackage it and then sear it to finish it properly. The combination of sous vide cooking and the perfect sear makes for an awesome steak.

Preparing a sous vide steak

Preparation is key with sous vide as it is with any cooking process. You pre-heat the sous vide to 55-60C and prepare the meat. Season the steak if you’re going to and add any aromatics to the vacuum pack. Once seasoned, seal the pack, making sure all the air has been removed.

Place the pack in the water and cook. Depending on the meat you’re cooking and the thickness of the cut, leave it cooking for a period of time until done. A decent sized steak may take around 2 hours to cook in a sous vide but you would have to adjust depending on what you have.

Remove the steak from the water and the vacuum pack. Pat it as dry as you can get it and pre-heat a pan over a medium heat. Not high, medium. Once the pan is hot, add a little butter to it and then the steak. Sear both sides until it is your desired colour and remove from the pan. Pour the pan juice over the steak and allow to rest for a couple of minutes before serving.

We haven’t decided whether we want to offer a sous vide steak on the Stone Grill menu or not yet. With the impending arrival of home delivery, Valentine’s Day and more development of the menu and the restaurant as a whole, we have our hands full as it is. If we do decide to add it, I think it will be well worth trying!

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