Steak on a Stone

As Blackpool’s newest steakhouse and seafood restaurant, The Stone Grill has a lot of work to do to make a name for ourselves. Fortunately, we’re off to a great start having been recommended numerous times from hotel guests and locals alike!

What is going to really set us apart is our signature dish. As we mentioned last time, the clue to our signature dish is in our name, The Stone Grill. We serve steak on a stone or seafood on a stone, depending on what you’re in the mood for. We also serve plenty of other dishes on plates, but stone cooking is our piece de resistance!

Apparently, serving steak on a stone is a Portuguese tradition. It is now done across the world including Blackpool thanks to us!

The stone is lava stone, taken from the side of a volcano somewhere we presume. Lava stone is apparently better for regular reheating than granite or other flat stones as it doesn’t crack. It also radiates heat in a uniform manner across the stone. The stones we use here at The Stone Grill are all the same size and shape to ensure an even cook each and every time.

The idea is to add a little visual and auditory stimulation to your meal. Taste is only one of five senses. The ability to enlist other senses in the experience only heightens it, making it more enjoyable, more engaging and much more satisfying. There is a lot of evidence supporting this and often results in some novel dining experiences.

Take anything from Heston Blumenthal for example. He is the master of the sensory experience and while he loves tricking the senses, he also enjoys engaging them all. Everything from spraying special smells around you while you eat to fooling the senses, he knows well how all of our senses can amplify experience.

While we won’t be serving our steak on a stone while spraying things into the air, the engagement of other senses while dining is something we feel passionate about. The sight, sound and smell of that steak or fish cooking on the stone in front of you is something you’ll love.

Despite not being open to the public for very long, we’re already gathering quite the following. If you’re in Blackpool this summer and fancy something a little different, come to The Stone Grill for a steak on a stone. You’ll love it!

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