Steak on stone cooking – meat storage

All the meat used here at The Stone Grill is freshly delivered from our butcher. However, those of you trying steak on stone cooking at home may not have the luxury of a butcher delivering your ingredients to your door. That’s why you need to know how to properly store your steak.

If you want to have a steak on a stone at home, as well as knowing how to properly heat the stone, make a marinade and cook the steak, you also need to know how and for how long you can keep your meat.

A quality steak is best served fresh but we know that isn’t always going to be possible. With that in mind, here is The Stone Grill guide to storing steak.

Room temperature

You should always cook your steak at room temperature whether you’re using steak on stone cooking or not. If you buy a fresh steak, it is perfectly okay to store it for a few hours at room temperature as long as it is covered up. Then just make sure it is cooked properly to remain safe.


Refrigeration is our storage medium of choice for many food items and for good reason. Bacteria needs heat and moisture to grow. Remove one of those and it slows the growth of that bacteria. It doesn’t stop it completely, which is why you can only store things in a fridge for a finite period of time.

Your steaks will be good for between 3 to 5 days in the refrigerator as long as it is cold enough and kept cold. Don’t forget to bring the steak up to room temperature before cooking though.


Freezing takes the inhibition of bacteria a step further by stopping it completely. While freezing inhibits bacterial growth, food can still spoil. The popular opinion is that steak will be good for between 6 and 12 months if frozen properly. The meat may change colour once frozen, but this is normal.

Checking for spoilage

Steaks naturally change colour as the blood oxidises, so you can expect your steak to turn brown if not being eaten the same day. You will know if your steak is past its prime as it will either smell a bit sour or have a slimy film covering the meat. If your steak exhibits either of these, you would do well to not eat it.

Steak is always best eaten fresh, but if you can’t do that then following these guidelines should help you enjoy a great steak every time. If you would rather have everything managed for you, book a table at The Stone Grill, we would be happy to see you!

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