The 5 best steak marinades you can try

Steak is one of life’s rare pleasures. Even though The Stone Grill hasn’t been open to serve them, we have been enjoying a good steak regularly in the time we have been closed. Which brings up a very important question. What’s the best steak marinade you can use?

As you can imagine, this question sparked quite the debate with staff with opinions varying massively.

Steak marinades are a personal thing, like the steak cut or how well done you like your meat. It’s personal enough that discussions become passionate and feelings run high.

So rather than fight it out amongst ourselves, we thought we would outline 5 of the best steak marinades we know of and let you choose your own.

Here’s what we came up with.

Peppercorn marinade

Steak with peppercorn sauce is a timeless classic that still remains popular today. The sauce has evolved quite a bit since the 1970s but still has that same character.

That’s something you can also have as a marinade. This recipe over at Yummly works for us. While it’s American and requires translating into grams from their bizarre cups, the actual marinade is top class!

Korean-style barbecue marinade

We think Korean food is massively underrated. This BBQ marinade is a case in point. It’s rich, decadent and delivers just enough punch without overpowering the steak.

In fact, we like this entire recipe, not just the marinade. Although good luck finding ‘gochujang’ in Sainsbury’s!

Lime marinade for steak

We also love lime in dishes and this lime marinade recipe delivers. It’s tangy but balanced and delivers that flavour punch we’re looking for while still being able to taste the steak.

If you like Asian food and want a little steak action, this marinade is great for flank which is a cheaper cut of meat. Win win!

Balsamic and rosemary marinade

Sometimes it’s the classics that deliver and that’s the case here. An Italian classic balsamic vinegar and rosemary marinade alongside some fresh ingredients.

It delivers a lovely rich flavour that is perfectly balanced with salt, pepper, vinegar and rosemary.

(The recipe is partway down the page).

Saucy steak marinade

Finally, this rich marinade that uses balsamic, Worcestershire sauce, soy, garlic and mustard certainly delivers the flavour hit. While we wouldn’t call it the ‘best’ it definitely delivers!

This is a marinade you can play with too, offering even more flavour goodness!

Which of these do you like the sound of most? Have any others to suggest? Tell us below if you do!

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