The best beef cuts for lovers of lean meat

If you’re on a calorie controlled diet or prefer to eat lean meat, beef isn’t often at the top of your list. But, if you choose the right cut you can have all the benefits of a nice steak or piece of beef without the fat content. There are some seriously low fat cuts available and if you cook it carefully, without a rich sauce, you get all the lovely flavour of beef without the fat.

Not all fat is evil. We need it to provide energy and steak needs it to provide flavour. It is a delicate balance but one a quality butcher or chef and make.


Fillet is a beef cut that provides amazing flavour without fat. As the muscle does very little work, it is very tender while also lean. A good quality fillet provides lovely rich flavours and imparts a lot of flavour even when cooked rare. Accompany with a simple low fat sauce or just season and eat on its own.


A skirt steak is a surprisingly flavoursome cut of beef. It doesn’t get quite the attention of sirloin or rump because it is more difficult to cook. Overcook it even slightly and it becomes incredibly tough, so timing is everything. Get the timing right though and skirt steaks are one of the more flavoursome cuts that are also very lean once trimmed.


Silverside is another low car cut of beef that offers a delicious flavour if treated right. As the hind quarter of the cow, there is very little marbling or fat content in the meat. Despite this, it is also very flavoursome and cooked correctly can provide a tasty dish. Silverside is often used as roasts, but thinly sliced and served with a sauce also delivers great flavour with low fat content.


A carefully chosen rump steak sliced thinly and accompanied by an Asian inspired sauce can also be very lean. Rump is very tasty and if you trim the fat and use a strong flavoured marinade or sauce can deliver exceptional eating. You can also use it as kebab or on skewers which also delivers flavour without the fat.


Topside usually comes with a layer of fat around the outside but the meat itself is very lean. Remove that fat and use a marinade or sauce to impart flavour and you have another beef cut that delivers healthy eating and flavour in one!

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