The Stone Grill can reopen on 17th May if all goes well

It has been a long time coming but the recent update from the government means The Stone Grill may be able to reopen on the 17th of May. If all goes well.

As you will likely know, the government published their roadmap outlining the four steps to returning to normal. Part of that will be the reopening of restaurants on the 17th of May.

We cannot wait!

It has been a long time coming. The Stone Grill has seemingly been empty forever. We have managed to survive lockdowns and retain our team of superb staff but it wasn’t easy.

We know of all too many restaurants who didn’t make it and our heart goes out to all of them. It may have been an unprecedented time but that doesn’t help when its your baby that has gone out of business.

Roadmap out of lockdown

The roadmap is dependent on a few things going well. The vaccine rollout needs to continue, those vaccines should continue being effective and lower infection rates, there should be no new dangerous variants detected and the NHS should not be under undue strain.

If all those things happen, the roadmap can proceed.

That means:

Step 1

8th March — Schools reopen, hospitality still limited to takeaway and delivery, we can meet one person from outside the household outdoors

29th March —— The ‘rule of six’ returns outdoors. People no longer required to stay at home, though many restrictions will remain in place

Step 2

12th April — Non-essential retail and outdoor spaces can reopen. No indoor social mixing will be allowed yet, but pubs and restaurants will be allowed to open for outdoor dining.

Step 3

17th May — Restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars can reopen for indoor dining. Two households will be able to mix indoors with the rule of six.

Step 4

21st June — All limits on social contact will be removed and life should begin to return to normal. All venues of all kinds should be able to reopen.

At least we now have some kind of idea of what will happen and when!

Coming out of lockdown

We appreciate that this roadmap is dependent on the vaccine and infection rates but at least we can begin planning for a semblance of normal.

We cannot decide which we think will happen. Will people be so used to being indoors and eating at home that not a lot will change? Or will people be so fed up with being stuck indoors that everyone in Blackpool rushes to the nearest pub or restaurant?

Or will it be a mixture of both?

We have asked numerous people and opinions are split. Some say people are used to being at home and the knowledge they can go out if they want to is enough. Others say people will stay at home to let that initial surge pass before venturing out.

Whatever happens, if all goes well, The Stone Grill will be opening on or around that date. Keep an eye on the website and social to know exactly when!

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