The Stone Grill needs you – The real impact of no shows

The Stone Grill may be open for business and are welcoming diners to eat delicious steak on a stone but our challenges are not over. The next threat to our existence is a huge increase in no shows.

We appreciate that the world is still adapting to constant change. We appreciate that people change their mind. We even appreciate that you may feel like steak when you make your booking but change your mind on the night.

What we don’t appreciate is not cancelling your booking. We would really, really appreciate it if you could just tell us you’re not coming.

Call us on 01253 595199 and tell us. We won’t bite!

We understand that plans change. That life throws a curveball or that what seemed like a good idea one minute seems the opposite the next.

That’s all good. Please, just tell us.

Times are still tough

The Stone Grill is slowly recovering from the pandemic and the road is long and arduous. Without being able to open to full capacity, we have to work exceptionally hard to make enough money to pay staff and the bills.

We are surviving and everyone is getting paid but every time someone doesn’t show up for their table, it puts that survival at risk. We aren’t being melodramatic here, it’s genuinely true.

We cannot open fully yet and have fewer diners than we would like. Our running costs are still the same though. Every missed table is a missed opportunity to pay a bill.

People booking valuable tables and then not showing up puts all that at risk.

Plus, we have people on the waiting list that would love the opportunity to dine with us!

We managed to survive the pandemic. We even managed to keep staff on throughout. But we need your help to recover and keeping your booking is part of that.

Every table that doesn’t show up means having to use our cash reserves to make ends meet. That’s fact.

However busy we may look, we are still running at reduced capacity and still genuinely need every single customer we can get. It’s really as serious as that.

We aren’t going to go all Tom Kerridge on you but we would ask you sincerely to consider the effect you have on businesses when you don’t turn up. Please!

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