Three food trends to look out for in 2019

Food and fashion are two of the most trend-led industries around. These trends are very powerful but also short lived. That’s why every year you see ‘food trends for year’ pieces all over the internet. Some trends may survive an entire year but most do not so these pieces are always fresh and always new.

That doesn’t mean we should ignore food trends though. As a restauranteur, it’s my job to deliver the food that you like to eat and work with the trends you like to follow. I have to balance that with the core offering of The Stone Grill to create a balanced menu that doesn’t change every five minutes or leave you all wondering what we are all about. So while veganism may be the biggest food trend right now, it isn’t a direction we will be going in!

Pacific Rim

Quite a few outlets and restauranteurs are talking about Pacific Rim flavours. This features dishes from Asia, Pacific Islands, the west coast of America and some western areas of South America. That covers a huge range of food and flavours and provides some excellent opportunities to include in fusion cuisine or to add to core menu offerings.

Pacific Rim flavours typically includes shellfish, fruit, spice and fish like cuttlefish, shrimp paste, guava, passion fruit and more exotic ingredients. One Pacific Rim ingredient already making an impact is jackfruit, being the ingredient of choice for meat replacement.

Ice Cream

A few commentators have mentioned ice cream as a food trend for 2019 but I can’t quite get my head around it. Ice cream has always been a bestseller and I don’t see it changing anytime soon. Here in Blackpool we sell gallons of the stuff every day and I don’t imagine inland locations are much different.

According to Instagram and those that know more than I about ice cream, it seems there will be a resurgence in ice cream along with the development of a whole new range of flavours.


Mocktails, or alcohol free cocktails is another food trend we expect to grow during 2019. This feeds into a wider trend of wellness and being more responsible about what we eat and drink. Apparently, around 30% of people under 25 don’t drink and those that do are now much more aware of the effects than ever before. This has prompted a rise in low alcohol beers, wines and now cocktails.

We have seen elements of this over 2018, with more customers requesting non-alcoholic drinks than ever before. I happen to think it’s a good thing. There is nothing at all wrong with drinking alcohol in moderation. However, I can also see the attraction of drinking lovely flavoured drinks without alcohol and without feeling left out when socialising with those that are drinking alcohol.

Will The Stone Grill be integrating any of these into out menu? We might. We already feature lots of ice cream and already offer plenty of alcohol free options for drinks, but if you want it, we’ll provide it!

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