Three simple changes you can make for a healthier restaurant menu

It’s tough to offer dishes that are full of flavour, satisfying and healthy. Two of those things go together well but the third, that of being healthy, can present something of a challenge.

It’s a challenge The Stone Grill is more than up to and we hope you are too. Customer tastes are definitely leaning towards healthier food and sustainability and it’s our job as restaurateurs to deliver that.

All without compromising flavour and choice.

1.   Eat around the rainbow

There are hundreds of types of vegetable, yet we seem to use the same narrow range. Don’t be afraid to include more experimental vegetables in your dishes. As long as they are sustainably sourced, adding colourful vegetables to a dish looks attractive and more palatable to diners.

If anything will convince people to eat more fruit and vegetables, making them look colourful and attractive on the plate will do it!

2.   Offer lean meat

Lean meat is a simple way to make a menu healthier without compromising its appeal.

Using low fat beef, sirloin instead of ribeye steak, chicken without the skin and other lean cuts can all help.

As can the cooking method. Grill meat instead of fry it, or better still, let the customer cook it themselves like our steak on a stone!

Offering lean meat options works for those who want to eat it without making them feel guilty or like they are missing out. Simple choices in your meats can make a big difference to the calorie count of the dish.

3.   Substitute ingredients for healthier options

Changing base ingredients for healthier options can also contribute to a healthier menu. You can still offer your range of dishes, but switching out key ingredients can make all the difference.

For example, switching out sunflower oil for olive oil or peanut oil works exceptionally well for some dishes. Using fresh fruit and vegetables for sauces, desserts and garnishes, using low-sodium soy or fish sauce, Greek yoghurt instead of sour cream and so on.

There may be a slight cost overhead but this can be reflected in the price. In return for paying a little extra, diners get the same high quality food using fresh ingredients, just with a few less calories!

Healthy choices

You could take this a lot further by offering a choice within your menu. Choices such as brown and white rice, sweet potato fries and potato fries, homemade ketchup or barbecue sauce rather than bought-in, brown pasta as well as white and so on.

There are more healthy options for food now than at any time in recent history and it’s our job as restaurateurs to provide that choice to customers!

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