Top ten herbs to use with seafood

Fish is an amazing ingredient but can be a little on the bland side unless you give it a little love and attention. Whether you’re visiting The Stone Grill for a fish on a stone or cooking something at home, knowing what herbs to use in a fish dish can make all the difference!


Basil is a firm favourite of ours here. We love the aromatic smell from picking a fresh leaf and it’s so versatile. Basil is delicate enough to work with most white fish so feel free to experiment with it.

Bay leaves

Bay leaves have a particular taste and smell that lends itself well to delicate fish. Used carefully in either a sauce or marinade, bay leaves can do wonders for a meal.

Caraway seeds

The sweetness of caraway seeds makes them an ideal candidate for a fish sauce. These are herbs you need to use carefully though so as not to overload or over sweeten the dish.


Chives go exceptionally well in fish sauces. Used carefully, they can elevate creamy dishes or marinades to a whole new level. Alternatively, just cook them in some butter for a very simple but effective sauce.


Dill may be a predictable her to consider with fish but that’s because it works so well. Delicate, aromatic and versatile, dill can work with most white fish dishes.


Lemongrass is perfect for Asian inspired fish dishes as it adds freshness and lightness. Ideal for cutting through thick or rich sauces, or for baking alongside other herbs.


Like lemongrass, mint cuts through richness very effectively and adds a nice tang to any seafood. Use sensibly though or it will quickly overpower the dish.


Parsley is a classic partner to fish dishes because of the fresh taste and its flexibility. Cook it in a sauce or use it as a garnish, it is happy either way.


Tarragon isn’t used all that much here in the UK but it really should be. It’s light, delicate and works very well in sauces. The French use it a lot and we should too.


Thyme is another seafood classic. It is also a herb you need to be careful with. It demands light cooking as the more you cook it the more intense the flavour.


Aromatic rosemary is one of our favourites. Another very versatile herb that can work in any number of dishes, including fish. Best used fresh but is still as effective dried.


Sage is another herb that isn’t used enough as far as we’re concerned. It’s light, aromatic and gives an earthy flavour to a fish dish.

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