Top tips for seasoning fish

Too many people are afraid of cooking fish. It seems it’s a skill that our grandparents were quite comfortable with, but an entire generation risks missing out on the delights of seafood. As a seafood restaurant in Blackpool, the Stone Grill is obviously interesting in whetting everyone’s appetite for the fruits of the sea.

In a perfect world, everyone in Blackpool would come and eat their weekly quota of fish at our tables. We know that isn’t practical or possible, so have written this quick guide to seasoning fish. Fish is a delicate ingredient that needs a bit of love and attention to get the best out of it. With that in mind, here are our top tips for seasoning fish.

Quality ingredients

As with any dish, the quality of the ingredients directly influences the amount of enjoyment you get from it. So buy good fish, frozen is fine as long as the quality is good. Also use quality herbs, fresh if at all possible. Good quality salt is also a key ingredient. Rock or sea salt is ideal. Avoid table salt wherever possible with fish!

Time it right

Seasoning is not marinating. A marinade should be a light dressing to cover and flavour the fish for a couple of hours. Seasoning is about adding flavour directly before cooking. That means don’t season your fish until just before you cook it.

Little and often

Unless you’re an expert or have cooked the dish many times before, season little and often. You can always add an ingredient but you cannot take it away. Salt to little and you can add more during cooking. Salt too much and your dish could be ruined. The same for any herb or spice.

Know your seasoning

Pepper is strong and can quickly overwhelm a delicate fish, salt will reduce in a sauce and will quickly intensify. Add pepper too early and it can burn, turning bitter. Add it later for a better result. Knowing the likely outcome of what you’re doing allows you to modify the amounts of seasoning you use. Practice, experiment and see what works for you.

Know your herbs and spices

Knowing what herbs go well with what kind of fish or in what quantities is also a matter of trial and error. Recipes can provide guidance, but everyone’s taste and tolerance for particular flavours is different. Some fish work exceptionally well with particular herbs, while others not so much.

Cooking and seasoning fish at home isn’t as difficult as you might think. It’s certainly worth a try and if you get stuck for inspiration, just visit the Stone Grill. Our fresh fish dishes are some of the best in town!

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