Top tips to help attract and retain hospitality staff part 2

Last week we shared some tips for restaurants and food businesses to help attract and retain staff. We covered creating a positive culture, involving staff in recruitment, getting social and defining career paths and training.

This week we’re going to share some more tips that have helped The Stone Grill keep some of its amazing staff. We hope it helps!

Promote from within

Nothing says you believe in your staff than promoting from within. It demonstrates your commitment to their development and builds upon that career path we were talking about.

As long as you have skilled staff capable of stepping up and adequate training to set them up for success, it’s an excellent sign to others that they are there for more than just washing dishes or waiting tables. That there could be genuine opportunities to progress.

If that doesn’t improve staff loyalty, we don’t know what will!

Pay fairly

Everyone knows that hospitality is under tremendous strain right now and many businesses are barely hanging on. But, if you want to attract good quality candidates, you have to offer a good salary.

It isn’t all about the money for most of us but bills need to be paid. Young people need to pay high rents or save thousands for deposits. People of all ages have bills and expenses that will need covering.

Pay as fairly as you can afford and you’ll be able to skim the cream of the crop.

Add incentives

If you cannot afford to pay higher rates, how about adding incentives? Add things like health insurance, dental, optical, discounts on healthy club membership, enrolment in schemes like Vitality.

Sure, they won’t pay the bills but they show you’re investing in staff and recognising their efforts and commitment.

If a salary didn’t sway their decision to work with you, offering incentives might. You can access a lot of these for relatively little cost to you too.

Use modern POS or equipment

Nothing will put a new candidate off more than using an ancient till, paper ordering system, or worn out kitchen equipment. While this requires an investment of capital, it will benefit your business as well as recruitment.

Modern POS speed up ordering and avoid mistakes from bad handwriting. Some can even alert you to low stock or high demand items so you can anticipate events.

Modern kitchen equipment is usually more fuel efficient, improves productivity and speed, so has a double benefit.

Full transparency

Having fair, transparent policies and procedures can also make a different to recruitment and retention as they provide predictability. Working at the whim or pleasure of a boss is no longer sustainable, so having P&Ps in place will help.

Make sure they are in plain English, are readily accessible without having to ask you and outline every conceivable situation and your employees should respond positively.

We’re sure there are dozens of other ways to recruit and retain hospitality staff but these are the ones we have used in the past.

If you have good ideas, feel free to share them in the comments!