What can you drink with your steak if you don’t like red wine?

Traditionally, we would pair a nice red wine with steak as the rich red meat and red wine go together very well. But what about if you don’t want or don’t like red wine? What then?

Sure you could have a beer but everyone does that. So what are some other great options for an accompaniment to steak?

Red wine is full of tannins which are transferred to steak on the tongue. Tannins can help break down fat, which is one reason why a glass a day is good for you. In the realms of steak, the fat is softened by the tannin and some melts in the mouth. This releases more steak flavour and lowers the astringent in the red wine making the liquid release more of its flavour. The combination of the two is why they pair so well.

Red wine alternatives for steak

There are a few options if you don’t want red wine.

Beer is the obvious choice, but not a standard lager. A rich stout or porter works best as they are quite bitter and will cut through the richness of the steak. Nobody is stopping you having a lager if that’s what you want but you may get more out of the meat with something else.

Whisky is another good alternative to red wine and can go very well with steak. A rich, smoky scotch or rye blend whisky both complement the meat flavour and cut right through the richness. It would be better drunk neat but mixed in a Manhattan or Old Fashioned would work too.

Cranberry juice is a great drink to have if you are avoiding alcohol. It’s sharpness cuts through the richness of the steak which works well. Cranberries also contain tannins which have a similar effect as red wine, just not quite so compelling.

Club soda with lime. Finally, another non alcoholic drink that goes well with steak is the good old club soda with lime. Carbonated water cuts through the richness of the meat and also cleanses the palate ready for the next bite. The acidity of the lime does the same while also balancing richness with freshness.

While we may suggest a nice house red to go with your steak, there are other options. Two very good ones with alcohol and two equally good ones without. Why not try one the next time you visit the Stone Grill?

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