What ingredients are in season for May?

Steak may be the main event in most meals but it needs a top quality supporting cast to make it really shine. Here at The Stone Grill, we try to use fresh local ingredients wherever possible. Much depends on what’s in season and what is not. For the firm favourites, if we can’t buy locally, we go further afield. For everything else we try to keep it local to Lancashire wherever possible.

So what ingredients are in season in late spring?


Peas are one of the signature late spring arrivals. They also go amazingly well with a nice steak! Peas work well in a huge range of dishes from simple steak and chips to pea puree, mozzarella and salad, pork belly and a fair few fish dishes. Peas are also widely available, growing in most areas of the country. If we can’t get them around here, Lincolnshire always has some.

Broad beans

Maturing alongside peas is the broad bean. It isn’t used as much as it used to be, or as much as it should be. They do need a little work to prepare them for cooking but podding can be fun and something to get the kids involved with. Broad beans go well with eggs, traditional potato dinners, roast beef and all manner of dishes.

British tomatoes

Late spring into early summer sees the British tomato come into its own. Whether you have one grilled with your breakfast, with your steak or fresh in a salad, there is nothing like a field fresh tomato grown in our own soil. You don’t need me to tell you that tomatoes are an incredibly flexible ingredient that can go well with most dishes.


Spring is lamb season and May is the time when they have matured enough to be on our plate. I personally prefer steak but a properly cooked lamb is almost as succulent and as satisfying. British lamb needs our support so the more people buy it the better. I mean, when we have Wales on our doorstep, why pile on the air miles from New Zealand?


Crabs are usually available all year round at the seaside but spring is when they are at their best. Late spring into early summer means crab salads, dressed crab, crab cakes with fresh dill, crab pasta and all manner of dishes. Crab is one of those ingredients that scare people. Talk to your local fishmonger and they can dress and prepare it for you. All you get is the meat prepared for cooking in your chosen manner. Easy!

Steak is still king in our mind but May is a great time to source fresh ingredients to go with it. Know of any other ingredients at their best in May? Tell us about them below if you do!

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