What makes the perfect steak dinner

We realise that ‘perfect’ is subjective. My idea of a perfect steak dinner differs from our chef, who differs from the waiting staff, who differ from just about everyone. However, we all agree that you can’t really go wrong with a nice piece of steak, some good quality sides and perhaps a sauce.

As we have covered steak sides and sauces over the last couple of weeks, we thought it was time to bring it all together into a complete steak dinner.

What steak to choose?

So first thing first. What cut of meat to choose for your steak dinner? The cut depends on your budget and what you want to do with it. If you like to let the meat speak for itself, then a fillet or filet mignon might do the trick. If you want to add a sauce, are looking for depth of flavour or like a different texture then a rump or sirloin might be more suitable.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a cheaper cut of meat as long as you cook it properly. The key is to buy what you like and cook it in a way that you will get the best out of it.


As we mentioned in ‘What to serve with your steak’ sides can influence how much you enjoy your steak dinner. There is no right or wrong answer here as it is all down to taste, what you have in the cupboard and what you are in the mood for.

Some days, chips and only chips will hit the spot. Other times, spinach, salad, onion rings or vegetables will do nicely.

Steak sauces

We mentioned in ‘What to serve with your steak: Steak sauces’ that a sauce isn’t always necessary but is sometimes most welcome. Sauces such as Béarnaise or Hollandaise are quite refined while barbecue, mushroom or peppercorn are more down to earth. Salsa Verde is fresh and vibrant while garlic butter is simple but very tasty.

Much depends on the steak you’re using, the sides you select and the mood you’re in. As many of the sauces we listed in that piece are simple to make, you can leave it to the last minute to decide as long as you have the ingredients.

The final touches

Sometimes it’s about those little details. With the bulk of your steak dinner decided, it’s time to consider what to drink with your dinner. Red wine is a firm favourite as it both complements the meat and adds a flavour all of its own. We won’t go into the grape varieties as that really is down to personal taste!

Some like a beer with their steak which is okay too. A good quality lager cleanses the palate nicely while something richer and darker complements the richness of the steak.

Creating the perfect steak dinner is a matter of taste and your mood. Hopefully, you can take the ideas from our blogs and use them to create something fantastic. Let us know if you do!

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