What to serve with your steak: Steak sauces

Last week we discussed sides as the supporting cast to a great steak. We covered chips, tomatoes, onion rings, roasted vegetables, creamed spinach, salad and bruschetta. As promised, this week we will list some lovely steak sauces to complete a fantastic meal. Then you’ll have no excuse to not get some quality meat from your butcher and enjoy a top quality steak dinner!

Steak sauce isn’t always necessary as its often enough to let the meat speak for itself. However, sometimes it’s nice to change things up a bit and add a little something extra to the experience. So for all you sauce lovers out there…


Béarnaise is a French classic that uses butter, egg yolks, white wine vinegar and tarragon. It’s a nice accompaniment to steak as it can be quite rich. It’s also relatively easy to make.


Barbecue sauce is one of our guilty pleasures. Home-made, rich in colour and flavour, a good barbecue sauce can elevate a steak to something truly special. While not a sauce for the steak purist, it’s ideal for a Sunday afternoon or steaks cooked over coals.

Garlic butter

Garlic butter on a steak or used to cook with adds a lot of flavour for such a simple sauce. You can also swap the garlic for chilli, horseradish, lime and a range of other flavours if you feel brave enough!


There is something about the earthy taste and texture of mushroom that makes it the perfect partner for steak. A mushroom sauce, made with a variety of mushrooms, some white wine and herbs makes for a very grounded sauce for steak.


Hollandaise is regarded as the ‘parent’ sauce to béarnaise and is another smooth, decadent buttery sauce that works well with steak. Used sparingly we find, it adds a richness to a steak that really elevates the experience.


The classic peppercorn sauce is a firm favourite here at The Stone Grill. It’s rich, straightforward to make and adds a kick that turns any steak into a super steak. Done right, this is one of the best steak sauces there is.

Salsa verde

A salsa verde made from parsley, chives, and mint is a cold Italian sauce that can transform a steak into something summery, healthy and quite lovely. It isn’t a traditional steak dinner sauce, but a lighter lunch or brunch sauce. Done right, it adds a freshness that is hard to beat.

Those are just some of the many sauces you can make in minutes that can completely transform a steak. Use them as you see fit. If you don’t feel like cooking tonight, book a table at The Stone Grill and let us take care of you instead!

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