What to serve with your steak

A good number of discussions we have with The Stone Grill customers revolves around what to have with a steak. Those conversations usually include sauces, seasonings and accompaniments, as well as cooking methods and how to cook the steak properly. We love talking about food, it’s why we’re in this business!

While the steak is obviously the star of the show, the supporting cast has a vital role to play. So with that in mind, our first post of 2016 is going to suggest a few sides to serve with your steak. Then, next week we’ll cover a range of sauces that can turn a steak dinner into something truly special!


No conversation about a steak dinner would be complete without mentioning chips. It’s the British favourite and with good reason. Oven chips, fried chips, thin fries, sweet potato chips, potato wedges or hasselback potatoes, the humble spud is the perfect partner to a well-cooked steak.

While definitely a firm favourite, there is much more to our favourite cut of meat than just chips.


Half a grilled tomato works well with a steak as the acidic taste brings out the sweetness of the meat. That’s why they feature so often on steakhouse menus.

Onion rings

Another favourite steak side is the onion ring. Simple but effective and done right, offers a crispiness that contrasts the soft steak perfectly.

Roasted vegetables

Nicely roasted winter veg or a mixture of roasted vegetables offer a range of textures and flavours that can work very well with steak. For example, a combination of green beans, red and orange peppers, red onion, sweet potato and a parsnip or two makes a great meal.

Creamed spinach

A rich and indulgent mixture of fresh spinach and single cream can make a soothing side for a steak dinner. It will need something else to add that extra zing, but offers a very mellow taste that allows the steak to remain centre stage.


A fresh watercress salad works well with a steak. The pepperiness of the watercress brings out the sweetness of the meat in a very credible way. Don’t be boring with a standard bag salad from the supermarket though, they are just an exercise in bland!


The Italians know a thing or two about food and we are happy to use some of their influence in our own dishes. One surprisingly good steak side is bruschetta. Fresh bread, tomato and a slice of mozzarella or stilton. Lovely!

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