Why fresh food is so much better than processed food part 2.

So last week, I discussed how to identify processed food and why fresh is better. We only use fresh ingredients here at The Stone Grill and I am quite evangelical about watching what I put in my body. While I shall stay firmly off the soapbox, I do want readers to appreciate fresh food whether you eat with us or prepare it at home.

So from last time, you now know that if you need a degree in chemistry to read a food label, it isn’t going to be very nutritious. Also from last time, I left you with a parting line around thinking about what the foods you eat offer your body in terms of fuel and nutrition. It is that I would like to expand on now.

You really are what you eat

As someone heavily into exercise, I know all too well that what I put into my body has a direct impact on how I perform and how I feel. Even if you don’t exercise, giving your body what it needs to function properly has a far-reaching impact on how good you feel, how often you get ill, how much and for how long you can concentrate and so much more.

Food fads such as clean eating or juice only diets are all very well but they are often unsustainable. Changing smaller things such as reducing packet or frozen foods in favour of freshly cooked foods is much more sustainable. It will have a more fundamental effect too. It won’t just benefit your nutritionally, it will also help elevate your lifestyle and teach your children more about food.

If that wasn’t enough, add a little exercise into the mix and you can help reduce the chances of the majority of illnesses and diseases that plague the unfit and unhealthy. If that wasn’t a great reason to cook fresh I don’t know what is!

One argument I hear a lot against fresh food is that processed food is cheaper. Usually, this argument has nothing at all to do with cost but is more about laziness. Processed food can be thrown into the oven or microwave and poured onto the plate. No effort involved. Fresh food on the other hand requires preparing and cooking.

My answer to that is twofold. How much cost or effort is your health worth and how much more could you get done in your day if you had more energy? Time is always under pressure and many people tell me that they just don’t have time to make food every day. Again, how much is your health worth? If a fundamental of your existence, that of fuelling yourself and your family isn’t important, then it isn’t time that you’re short of!

This post isn’t about telling you what to do or how to live. It is an attempt to elevate the role of fresh food in everyone’s life. Food should be a priority. It is more important than TV, more important than the internet or playing games on your phone. It is a fundamental aspect of our existence. All those other things you can live without. You cannot live long without food. And you certainly can live longer and healthier with fresh food.

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