Why is steak so special?

We had a very interesting chat with a customer the other day about why it is that steak has been elevated above most other meats. We talked about why steak is talked about more than other cuts and why it is venerated over other types of meat. Most quality meats tastes nice, so why is steak singled out as so special?

Here at The Stone Grill, we love steak because it tastes good. But if you look a little deeper than that, lamb tastes good. Pork done right tastes good. Even chicken tastes good when you put it with the right marinade or sauce. But you don’t get ‘pork houses’ or ‘lamb houses’ do you? Yet we run a steak house.

We may be biased, but when we get a craving for meat, we always think of steak. When we ask people about the images that appear in their head at times like that, they agree. Rarely is it a leg of lamb or some pork belly that we fantasize about when we’re hungry or need some fulfilment.

So why is steak singled out to rise above other meats?

We think it’s because of the satisfaction it gives us. There is nothing quite like watching a steak on a stone sizzle in front of you and then melt in your mouth. Nothing quite like the vision of a big steak on the plate, cooked perfectly with caramelised edges and a pink middle. A steak that slices open and delights the palate.

I’m sure nutritionists, scientists or even philosophers will have theories about why steak has such a place in our consciousness. I’m not sure they can beat the simple satisfaction of the taste, texture and experience of that first bite though. They might say it reaches our lizard brain from when we were hunters or that it still gives us the raw flavour hit modern packaged food doesn’t. I don’t know.

What I do know is that for once, steak delivers on this hype. That it knows the expectations we have of it when we buy and prepare it. It knows what is expected of it once it hits the place or the lava stone. And, as long as it is treated with the proper respect, delivers every single time. Few other foods can say the same.

If you’re looking for a taste sensation, visit The Stone Grill today. Enjoy the satisfaction of a steak done well!

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