Why you should try kangaroo steak on a stone

Once the preserve of Australian Outbackers and indigenous people, kangaroo is now a growing trend in restaurants. The meat is very lean, low in fat and flavoursome, the ideal combination in these more self-aware times. The Stone Grill offers kangaroo steak on a stone as part of our regular menu and we encourage everyone to try it.

Kangaroo is still referred to an an ‘exotic’ meat but is readily available. We have a reliable source of great quality kangaroo steak that we use to keep us supplied. As the animal is more numerous than people in Australia and local producers are beginning to appear in the UK, kangaroo meat is becoming a viable alternative to steak.

Kangaroo meat

Kangaroo tastes a little like venison and is a very lean meat. It has extremely low levels of fat, high levels of protein, iron, zinc and omega 3, making it a very healthy meat to consume. The Australian Heart Foundation quickly approved it for human consumption due to these properties and many other health organisations have followed suit.

While it’s taste differs from beef steak, it can be used in place of steak in many popular recipes. Cooking times may vary but otherwise, you can easily substitute kangaroo for beef if you want to give it a try.

Due to either the air miles or the expense of rearing kangaroo locally, it is a little more expensive than beef steak. Much depends on where you buy it from but you can expect to pay a little more for it than you would a sirloin or rump. Our supplier manages to keep prices sensible, which we pass on to our customers. Your butcher may be able to do the same thing.


Another reason to try kangaroo steaks is sustainability. The animal is plentiful and can be farmed but not domesticated. They don’t eat anywhere near as much as cattle and give off a fraction of the methane a cow does. They also drink a lot less water than cattle or sheep.

Combined with local cultivation, this makes kangaroo a viable alternative to beef or lamb. It takes fewer resources to grow, emits less gas, has less environment impact and will not endanger the species in any way. Add the fantastic flavour and texture and all those health benefits and you have an amazing beef alternative on your plate!

The next time you visit The Stone Grill in Blackpool or Manchester, why not try a kangaroo steak on a stone? I think you might like it!

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